Kubota Tractors


In the professional tractor market, the Kubota M7001 is among the best performing vehicles, with its extremely powerful lifting capacity and great potential in Precision Farming activities, the top model of the range sets new standards. Adding to this a first-class comfort and a surprising convenience for the operator, working efficiently has never been so easy. If it's used correctly, you will achieve maximum performance without effort.

Extraordinarily powerful: All versions of the model with 130/150/170 hp, and PowerBoost of 20/20/5 HP on request, are characterized by extraordinary dynamics and power.

Proudly ecological! The 6.1-liter diesel engine with innovative SCR technology limits emissions to a minimum and largely follows current Stage IV emissions regulations.

Definitely versatile; The reliable PowerShift gearbox asserts its very high efficiency and the continuously variable KVT transmission has an almost inexhaustible potential with maximum shift comfort.

With a perfect interior layout: The large cab allows panoramic views without blind spots, while optimal comfort is guaranteed by the ergonomic seats and the internal quietness.

Surprisingly comfortable: The unique position of the terminal and the multi-function lever is ideal for ergonomics, making the controls intuitive and all the machines easy to control.

Wonderfully accurate: The M7001, fully compatible with ISOBUS, promotes efficient use of equipment. The potential of the automatic steering system makes it a precision instrument for efficient crops.


Kubota MGX III is a versatile and effective professional tractor. The advanced engine technology is very convincing in the most difficult conditions, thanks to a convenient and ecological operation. Thanks to the 8-speed PowerShift transmission, the fast Bi-speed steering system and the enormous power of the attachment system, it makes the work extraordinarily simple and comfortable. Exploit its potential to easily achieve new successes.

Incredibly powerful traction: The powerful and efficient 4-cylinder engines impress with their high capacity, low rpm, low fuel consumption and long life. Highly Environmentally Friendly: The engines in this tractor series fully meet the requirements of Stage IV final emissions regulations. Incredibly comfortable: In the large cabin you can enjoy a comfortable environment and an optimal panoramic view. All controls are positioned clearly, no superfluous movement. Extraordinarily easy to handle: Thanks to the bi-speed steering system, the MGX III has excellent maneuverability that makes it easier to use the front loader. High-end equipment: The MGX III is the only tractor in its class with an 8-speed PowerShift transmission to work comfortably with continuous traction. Wonderfully precise: The MGX is much more than a tractor. Thanks to the later mounted ISOBUS terminals and Kubota equipment, it is the solution for any job. And thanks to its great potential in the activities of Precision Farming, it saves time and money.


Kubota M5001 is the most brilliant and enterprising in its class, this professional tractor with great maneuverability is the proof that true greatness comes from within. With its powerful engine, excellent transmission, high ground clearance and extraordinarily simple controls, it immediately becomes indispensable for everyday work. Take advantage of its great potential and quickly complete the most difficult jobs.

Extremely powerful: The 95 and 113 hp 4-cylinder engines (DIN 97/68 CE) are characterized by considerable reliability and efficiency.

Highly ecological: The V3800 engine obviously meets the stringent requirements of the Euro Stage IV emissions regulations.

Incredibly comfortable: Thanks to the 36 forward and 36 reverse gears, the M5001 gearbox is extremely simple and comfortable.

Extremely easy to handle: The Bi-speed rapid steering system with 55° steering angle and high ground clearance make the M5001 extremely agile and manageable.

Extraordinarily comfortable: The large and comfortable cabin provides an optimal panoramic view. Thanks to the clear layout of all controls, no movement is superfluous.

Wonderfully accurate: The M5001 is much more than a tractor. Thanks to the later mounted ISOBUS terminals and Kubota equipment, it is the solution for any job. And thanks to its great potential in the activities of Precision Farming, it saves time and money.


Kubota M5001N is a professional and highly productive vehicle to perform demanding work in vineyards and orchards. A compact tractor with narrow track - agile, versatile and with excellent performance - knows how to extricate itself in these cultivation lands. During long days of work, its cab ensures perfect all-round visibility and exceptional comfort. Its qualities will produce the best results in all working conditions.

Extremely powerful with modern 4-cylinder engines from 73 to 105 HP.

Particularly agile with a steering angle of 55° and the unmatchable Kubota be speed system.

Easy reverse gear with electro-hydraulic reverser and quick change of gearbox under load with 36A/36R transmission.

Fast driving and fuel savings at high speeds with the transmission overdrive function that limits the number of engine revolutions 40-ECO.

Greater flexibility of the hydraulic system with 5+3 hydraulic valves with flow control, and 2 hydraulic pumps to touch the 100litres/min of the M5101 cab model.

Electrohydraulic PDF 540/540E


Cheap and robust, the Kubota MK5000 DR/DW utility tractors benefit from a powerful 4-cylinder 48.2 hp diesel engine and an 8-speed AV/8RM transmission with synchronized reverser for maximum versatility.

A well-equipped tractor, reinforced front axle and Kubota reliability, make the MK5000 a utility tractor that lends itself perfectly to intensive and professional use. Hydrostatic steering, independent power take-off, flat and spacious platform with suspended pedals for greater comfort of use. As an option, the MK5000 DR/DW models can mount a dedicated Kubota loader whose performance is assured thanks to an efficient hydraulic system, the reverser and a perfect visibility offered by the rounded and inclined design of the bonnet which has a total opening.